Troubled Game Publisher THQ Is Worth 21 Million Pounds Of Candy Corn


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It's no secret that THQ is in a bit of trouble these days. The game publisher has had a string of misses and bad management that led to their current financial state. The company has been threatened with delisting from the stock exchange as its worth sits around 62 cents per share. How do we cope with such bad news? Comedy, of course.

Some intrepid funny men have put together a Web site called What Is THQ Worth? It uses the company's current worth according to Yahoo and combines it with random items on Amazon and other sources. It's one of the greatest time wasters of our day by containing nuggets of financial depression (and hilarity). Here's some of the best ones.

THQ is currently worth:

6,186,317 Rolls of Toilet Paper
10,365,853 Big Macs
586 Ducatis
7,083,333 Bottles of Beer
53,191 Les Pauls
36,637,931 Wads of Blue Cotton Candy
2,125,000 Hungry Hungry Hippos
8,603,238 Princess Diana Beanie Baby Bears
< 1 Atomic Bombs 25,449,101 Cans of Pinto Beans 653,846 Tickets to a Radiohead Concert 425,042 Doomsday Devices 8,517,034 KFC Double Downs 4,748,603 Golden Snitches 850 Flame Throwers 6,115,107 Power Ranger Action Figures I think you get the idea. THQ is not worth a lot of money compared to some of the other heavy-weight games publishers out there. Here's hoping that will all change. The publisher has a new president that understands the problems that has led THQ to where it is and knows where to go from here. The publisher also has a lot of great titles on the horizon that will definitely push a few million units like Darksiders II, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Saints Row 4.

[h/t: Kotaku]