'Tropico 5' Coming to PC on May 23


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The release of SimCity in 2013 was a disaster combining the worst problems encountered with both always-on DRM and server capacity issues. Since that time, PC gamers have been in need of a new world-building god game.

Kalypso Media is now seeking to fill that void with Tropico 5. The publisher announced today that the latest Tropico game will hit PC on May 23. The game will also be released into U.S. retail channels on May 27. Xbox 360 and Mac versions of Tropico 5 will be coming sometime this summer, while a PlayStation 4 version will hit the latest generation of consoles sometime this fall. Kalypso also claims that it is working on a version of the game that will be compatible with Steam OS.

In Tropico 5 players will once again take on the role of El Presidente, the leader of a growing island nation founded in colonial times. By guiding the nation's growth through the years and centuries, players will be able to shape the future of the Tropico world. Gameplay involves tackling the issues facing the island's population, as well as guarding against forces and rival political factions that threaten El Presidente's leadership.

Tropico 5 includes a new "dynasty" feature that differentiates it from previous Tropico titles. Players will be able to promote members of El Presidente's family to positions of power such as ambassador or supreme ruler.

Tropico 5 also adds multiplayer modes into the mix. Players will be able to team up with other players in a cooperative mode or battle against each other for supremacy.

Kalypso last week released a new teaser trailer for Tropico 5. The video does not preview gameplay or any of the features announced for the game. It does, however, provide a look at the developer's sense of humor by spoofing a famous scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies: