Tristen Kurilla Kills 90-Year-Old Woman. Should This 10-Year-Old Boy Be Charged As An Adult?

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Tristen Kurilla confessed to Pennsylvania authorities that he killed a 90-year-old woman in his grandfather's home in Honesdale, Penn.

It was an admission that led to the 10-year-old being charged as an adult with criminal homicide.

The move to charge Kurilla as an adult is mandatory under Pennsylvania law, regardless of whether or not it's clear he understands the grave nature of his actions.

Said defense attorney Benard Brown, "The enormity of the situation I think is a little bit lost in [Tristen] at this point."

"I don't know if he's scared. [I] think he's concerned."

According to WBRE, Brown is currently working to get the court to release the fifth-grade Damascus Elementary student from jail.

Said Brown, "Jail is still jail, no matter what part of the facility you are in."

In addition to getting his client out of jail, the defense attorney is reportedly working to get Kurilla's case moved to juvenile court.

There the focus is more so on rehabilitation than an adult court system, which places its primary emphasis on punishment.

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards stated that she intends to try Kurilla as an adult.

The question now becomes whether or not the prosecution will move to block the efforts to see the case moved out of Pennsylvania's adult criminal system.

In the United States, the move to charge children with adult crimes remains a hot button issue.

Some feel that child murderers pose a threat to society and should be put away. Others feel that the age of convicted children and teens is a factor that American adult courts never make a factor when deciding how long to place these child offenders in prison.

Kurilla was charged following confessing to the murder of Helen Novak. The victim was in the care of Kurilla's grandfather at the time of the incident.

When she yelled for him to leave, Tristen allegedly put Novak's cane around her throat and hit her with it several times.

Despite confessing to the murder, Kurilla said he "was only trying to hurt" Helen Novak rather than kill her.

Tristen Kurilla is currently being held without bail in the Wayne County Correctional Facility.

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