Trish Stratus Compares Danny Glover To WWE Wrestling Greats

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WWE Hall of Fame member Trish Stratus recently wrapped up filming Gridlocked with Danny Glover and had nothing but praise for the acclaimed actor.

In an interview on CBS radio's Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll, the former wrestling diva said working with the actor was pure pleasure.

“Such a gentleman and so sweet. He’s a little bit older now… he reminded me of the wrestlers where you go backstage and wrestlers are getting up there and they’re just sort of keeping to themselves and a bit quiet and they don’t look as alive as you remember them looking. And the minute they get in the ring, or in Danny Glover’s case, the minute they call action this man came alive and oozed charisma… He was amazing," said the sexy WWE diva.

Stratus said the film is very similar in genre to Die Hard or Lethal Weapon, and Glover acted as mentor to many of the younger actors on set.

"He was really great about encouraging everyone and 'great job kids!' she said. "Because a lot of the (actors) on the set were younger than him. He was like, 'great job kids and thank you so much everybody.' He’s such a great guy."

Back in the ring, Stratus said things have changed a bit since she was the reigning queen of the ring.

“Right now you see the girls with the girls, which is fine, but you can only do so much with the same characters," said the 38-year-old wrestling champion. "Unfortunately, they don’t have super developed characters at the moment… The potential is there because there’s some great workers. That’s what we had at the moment things shifted for us. We had the right things.”

Gridlocked also stars Dominic Purcell, Stephen Lang and Steve Byers. A release date for the film has not been set.

Pam Wright