Trevor Knight Hit On by Katy Perry

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Trevor Knight, quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners, was very clearly being hit on by Katy Perry when she filled the celebrity guest spot on ESPN College GameDay on Saturday. Wearing a top that Fox News compared to a bathroom throw rug, Perry sort of acted like an idiot throughout her time on the show.

Katy Perry was asked to pick a winner for the Oklahoma Sooners' game against TCU (Texas Christian University's Horned Frogs).

"Trevor Knight, call me!" she shouted, as she held up a heart-shaped sign with Trevor Knight's picture on it.

The Sooners welcomed her to their fan club after her bold move, however.

That wasn't the worst thing Katy Perry did while on the ESPN College GameDay set, either.

"Is this the game with the 'Cocks in it?" she asked during the picks segment.

No, Katy.

She also launched several corn dogs at the cameras as a means of riling up LSU fans.

Is Katy Perry really interested in Trevor Knight? One might expect she'd act a bit more mature if she really had hopes of catching the quarterback's eye.

NESN reports that Trevor Knight already has a girlfriend, so Katy Perry might have made all that ruckus for absolutely nothing. He is reportedly dating a young woman named Kate Williams, who is a student at Oklahoma.

It's quite likely she has far more class than Katy Perry exhibited during her time on the college football show.

How do you think Trevor Knight feels about having been hit on by Katy Perry?

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