Trayvon Martin's Mom Wants Revisions to 'SYG' Laws


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Should someone without a weapon be shot in self-defense if another person considers the person's behavior to be suspicious? Trayvon Martin's mother (Sybrina Fulton) and the mother of Jordan Russell Davis (Lucia Holman McBath) both lost their sons (each were aged just 17-years-old) because other individuals found their teenage boys to be considered threats. The "stand your ground" laws influenced the outcomes in both situations because those pulling the trigger felt entitled to do so.

Trayvon Martin was shot in February 2012 while walking home. His confrontation with neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman led to a series of debates. Though Zimmerman claims to have shot the teenager in self-defense, some questioned whether profiling actually led to the cause of the shooting.

"Stand your ground" laws center around an individual choosing to stand in defense instead of retreating, even in circumstances where the option to retreat is a possibility. Many are requesting states to reconsider the laws, and among this group includes Sybrina Fulton.

"I just wanted to come here to talk to you for a moment to let you know how important it is that we amend this stand your ground because it certainly did not work in my case. The person that shot and killed my son is walking the streets today. This law does not work," Sybrina Fulton said.

While Trayvon Martin's mom has been fighting for improvements toward present regulations, the late Trayvon Martin has lived on this year through a Halloween costume. However, some have found the costume to be distasteful and disrespectful.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons and Courtesy of David Shankbone]