Trayvon Martin Hoodie In Viral Hip-Hop Video

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The Trayvon Martin case is nowhere near leaving the public consciousness. Since George Zimmerman has been arrested, things are just heating up. This thing could turn into another "trial of the century", much like the OJ Simpson trial or the officers charged in the Rodney King beating.

Just so far, there have been statements made by celebrity commenters like Geraldo Rivera about Martin's hoodie. Legislators have showed their disgust with these statements by wearing hoodies to sessions. Civil rights activists and churches have driven the effort to bring Zimmerman to face charges. His being arrested is the first chapter in what is sure to be a long story that will be watched closely by the public.

The fact that this is all not going away for a while was underscored in this trending video by New York actor and hip-hop artist Ryze. The stylized dance move the video contains is catching on, but it is the "I Am Trayvon Martin" hoodie that is getting attention.

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