Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailers Released Over And Over Again

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It's the movie that keeps releasing trailers left and right. It's Transformers: Age of Extinction. Yesterday a new trailer appeared on Micheal Bay's YouTube account with no description besides the title: 'Judgement'.

Many fans are excited, which is exactly what the studio wants. If they've succeeded in showing off what Micheal Bay plans to unveil, then kudos to them. However, we'll have to wait a few more weeks before we find out if the new Transformers movie is the smash hit the summer is waiting for. But for now, we have this trailer.

And what a trailer it is. As Alex Zalben of MTV put it: "Multiple dinobots? Check. Some sort of robot that can turn into cubes or whatever? Check. Reference to the best “Terminator” movie ever made? Check, and mate." Zalben's not alone in his excitement over dinobots. The New York Post included dinobots twice on their list of most anticipated rumors regarding the movie.

Does this new trailer show promise that the fourth live-action Transformers movie will deliver an amazing action-packed movie-going experience? See for yourself:

The movie makers are churning out trailers like crazy to drum up interest in the movie. The day before yesterday's video was placed on YouTube, another trailer, titled "Destroyer", churned its ugly head. It seems that the whole movie may show up in trailers before it hits theaters. By the way, the actual date this movie comes out is June 27th in the United States and July 5th in the United Kingdom.

The epic trailers keep rolling in. Last week, another "seriously epic trailer" popped up on the internet. This one was a lot longer than the other two, and went into more detail regarding Mark Wahlberg's starring role as a mechanic who finds Optimus Prime. At the rate this movie is going, there will be half a dozen more trailers before it comes out.

Image via YouTube, Michael Bay

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