Trader Joe's Plowed by Car Leaving 15 Injured

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Fifteen people were injured, two seriously, after a car plowed into a Trader Joe's on Long Island Friday.

According to reports, a woman driving a white car smashed into the front window of the Oceanside grocery store after hitting two other cars in the parking lot.

Twelve people were sent to the hospital, two in serious condition. Most of the injured suffered broken bones, head injuries and minor abrasions. One of the injured was pinned by the car at the time of the accident.

According to witnesses, the car driven by an elderly woman crashed into the front window around 1 p.m. It appears she simply lost control of the car. The woman was shaken up by the accident, but was uninjured.

“When the car came through, it was just like shattering glass, and the next thing we knew the registers were like dominoes and went down, 1-2-3,” said Elizabeth Donnelly.

“There was somebody trapped, pinned up against the wall, half under the car.” said a man who worked in a store nearby. “I saw firefighters try to extricate the person.”

“It's god awful,” he said. “You never know. It could have been here."

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