Trace Cyrus, Brenda Song, and Cutting: Twitter Reacts

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Trace Cyrus, who is probably better known to the world at-large as Miley Cyrus' older brother, has two juicy news stories currently in circulation at the moment. The first has to do with his relationship with fiance Brenda Song, which apparently has come to an unfortunate close. According to US Weekly, the pair split months ago.

"I wish Brenda the best and much success in the future," the former Metro Station singer explained. "I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation. Thanks so much."

If that wasn't enough Trace Cyrus news for you to properly consume in one afternoon, the guy apparently issued a cryptic tweet a few days ago regarding the act of "cutting", though no one seems to know who, exactly, Trace was referring to with the statement.

Is Trace referring to former flame Demi Lovato, who, in 2009, entered a rehab facility for cutting, drugs and an eating disorder? Honestly, it's anyone's guess at this point. Twitter users, however, seem more concerned about Trace's recent split from actress Brenda Song. You can find a few reactions to the story below.