Toy Story Theory: Who Is Andy's Mom?

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Have you ever wondered who Andy's mom is in the Toy Story films? Writer Jon Negroni has come up with a new theory to answer that question. His theory suggests that Andy's mom is actually Emily, the previous owner of Jessie the cowgirl.

If you watched Toy Story 2, you may remember Jessie's backstory. She was once loved and played with often by a little girl named Emily. As Emily grew up she started to take an interest in other things such as nail polish and sleepovers. This eventually led to Jessie be forgotten about until she is found years later.

Negroni came up with his theory after noticing that Andy wears a hat that looks almost identical to the one Jessie wears. The hats are both red and have the same white stitching on them. Another clue is when Andy's mom says that Woody is just an old family toy, implying that the family liked cowboys and possibly cowgirls.

When Jessie and Woody meet, Jessie seems excited to see him and acts as if she has met him before. This could mean that the two old friends could have once belonged to the same person or family.

Although the movie does not show Emily's face, it does show her hair and it appears to be the same color as Andy's mom's hair. Since Pixar is known for sneaking clues and hidden message into their films, the theory seems like a plausible one.

This isn't the first Pixar theory that Negroni has come up with. He also theorized that all Pixar films are connected and are related to the apocalypse. While his apocalypse theory was not at popular as his Andy's mom theory, it is still interesting.

What do you think about this theory and what other neat Pixar connections have you made?

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