Town Schedules 'Violent Video Game' Burning Party Because That's Obviously an Appropriate Response to Anything

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The town of Southington, Connecticut apparently thinks that destroying "violent" video games, music, and movies is an act of "responsible citizenship."

On Saturday, January 12th, the town is sponsoring a "Violent Video Games Return Program" that asks people to bring their discs to a local theatre, break them, and toss them in a dumpster. Polygon says that the disposed-of games, cds, and dvds will later be incinerated.

The game burning drive is being put on by SouthingtonSOS, an "adhoc group of representatives of organizations across the spectrum of the Southington community responding to the recent violence and murderous massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. This includes the local Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, board of education, United Way, and clergy.

Although the group states that they are responding to the tragic school massacre in Sandy Hook, they also state that this project shouldn't be thought of as a statement on video game violence playing a role in the tragedy. Except the evidence suggests that. But they're not saying it. But it totally does.

Here, check out their statement for yourself:

The announcement of the Violent Games Return program was also disseminated electronically last Friday by the Board of Education in behalf of Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joseph Erardi to the homes of all. The publication of the first press story today has attracted a significant response which was no surprise to SouthingtonSOS. The group’s action is not intended to be construed as statement declaring that violent video games were the cause of the shocking violence in Newtown on December 14th.

Rather, SouthingtonSOS is saying is that there is ample evidence that violent video games, along with violent media of all kinds, including TV and Movies portraying story after story showing a continuous stream of violence and killing, has contributed to increasing aggressiveness, fear, anxiety and is desensitizing our children to acts of violence including bullying. Social and political commentators, as well as elected officials including the president, are attributing violent crime to many factors including inadequate gun control laws, a culture of violence and a recreational culture of violence.

Participants won't leave empty handed, as the group says they'll hand out $25 gift cards on site.

"As people arrive in their cars to turn in their games of violence, they will be offered a gift certificate donated by a member of the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce as a token of appreciation for their action of responsible citizenship," says SouthingtonSOS.

So, if you're in the area and feel like destroying your kids' copy of Halo 4, make sure to read your Bradbury and head on down to the drive-in for a rockin' good time.

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