Touchscreen Gloves: Many Options For Tech-Savvy Handwear


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Due to the winter storms that have been making their way all across the United States these past few weeks, most people have opted to bundle up before venturing out, even for small amounts of time. Coats, hats, and scarves can make for a warmer experience, but tend to add bulk and weight that make it hard to move. Another problem plaguing folks as the winter weather wreaks its havoc; gloves that make it incredibly hard to text or snapchat your friends about how cold it is when you have a touchscreen phone.

Most retailers have hopped on this problem by making available touchscreen-compatible gloves. These nifty gloves can be picked up almost anywhere, ranging from places like and L.L. Bean to your local Walmart. This style of tech-savvy glove has become incredibly popular, even going so far as to make appearances of morning talkshows.

Some people aren't willing to shell out the cash to buy a pair of touchscreen gloves, however. Or, perhaps they don't want to exchange a pair of old, well-loved gloves for a new set. These same folks still want to use their touchscreens, though, so they have to summon up some ingenuity. One such example of this creative problem-solving lies in this Kickstarter campaign, created by Tony Yu. Yu has created a liquid solution that can be applied to any pair of gloves in order to make them touchscreen-compatible. The Kickstarter has already far exceeded its goal of $10,000, but still has five days left until the crowd funding ceases.

Another solution that's appealing for the more crafty among us lies in touchscreen thread, which can be found online on Etsy and in your local craft supply store. These conductive threads can be knit or crocheted into the fingertips of handmade gloves, or can be sewn in to already existing pairs of gloves.

Touchscreen gloves are a definite must-have for any tech-savvy person during the winter months, and with so many options available, there's sure to be a solution that works just right for you.

Image via Focalprice.