Tori Spelling Says She and Dean McDermott Not Bankrupt or Struggling Financially

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Tori Spelling has spoken out in recent days in her attempt to squelch rumors she and husband Dean McDermott are bankrupt and in the midst of serious financial struggles.

In an interview with People magazine, the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star hopes to clear up some of the rumors surrounded her finances.

Tori Spelling explains that the rumors started following the release of her 2013 book, Spelling It Like It Is.

"It was one chapter. I thought I was being relatable, talking about how celebrities go through financial struggles, too, we make mistakes, too," she explains. "We're not perfect, we have made a lot of choices financially with real estate that didn't work out...and that just escalated into this story about financial struggles, bankruptcy. To this day that haunts me!"

"It's like the plastic surgery story that came out about me when I was 16 when I'd had my nose done as a teenager," Tori Spelling continues. "That still haunts me to this day when I've had nothing else done – well, except my boobs."

There was one rumor/question about Tori Spelling that, even though the topic came up, she never really answered during her interview. In January, she was allegedly sued by American Express for $37,981.97--an outstanding balance from the previous summer.

When asked about the lawsuit, she had the following to say.

"I just want that story to go away!" she says. "We're doing a great new series, I'm really happy, we're doing a new show on Cooking Channel--we're not bankrupt, we're not struggling, we're fine!"

See how Tori Spelling dodged the question?

"[The] kids [are] good, family's good, I'm healthy, finances [are] good," she continues.

Tori Spelling went on to say she and Dean McDermott frequently have discussions about money with their children.

"My husband and I work really hard. I mean, I'm constantly out there working," she says. "It's so important for my children to see that both their parents are working, and we talk to them about it. My kids are like, 'It's not fair, why aren't you home more?' And I explain [things] to them and we talk about money."

Tori Spelling never did directly answer the question about the American Express lawsuit. What do you suppose that is all about?

If Tori Spelling owes American Express that kind of money, then things aren't as "fine" as she says.

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