Tori Spelling Pregnant With Baby Number Five?

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Tori Spelling might be pregnant, according to a promo video.

The girl has had a rough time lately.

The mother of four is continuing her show, True Tori, into its second season later this month.

The show is billed as Tori Spelling's search for happiness and honesty.

However, it appears that she has found neither if the promo video is an accurate portrayal of the everyday goings-on in her life these days.

Of course, Tori and husband Dean McDermott are trying to put life back together after McDermott cheated on her last year. That seems to be what the drama will be centered around this season.

Tori Spelling announces at the beginning of the promo that Dean has returned from Canada, and the couple has gone back into their "reality".

Their reality isn't looking great. During the promo, the couple has a fight in the kitchen over why Tori is still with Dean after all he has put her through for the last eight years.

During that scene, Tori can be heard saying, "I'm sick of arguing."

Then, at a therapy session, Tori says she wants to see a picture of the woman Dean cheated on her with.

Don't we all?

Then at the end, Tori Spelling drops the bombshell by saying,

"Oh, and there's one more thing. I might be pregnant."

Well, that's news, but not that shocking.

After all, the world has been watching her belly grow and shrink for the last seven years.

This announcement seems to contrast with photos that recently showed Tori Spelling looking the opposite of pregnant during filming for her show.

Critics say she looks gaunt and too skinny in the photos. She wears a billowy top and baggy shorts, but spectators said that when the wind blew, it showed an apparently under-nourished frame.

If that is the case, she needs to get healthy, but maybe it's just all the stress in her marriage catching up.

If Tori Spelling is pregnant, can she and Dean McDermott get it together for their family and the new baby?

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