Tori Spelling Pregnant? Reality Show Promo Drops Hint

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Tori Spelling has been through an emotional couple of years; not only was she hospitalized with complications from her last pregnancy, she also admitted publicly that she and husband Dean were having financial problems right before the news broke that he was cheating on her.

The couple are the stars of a reality show called True Tori, which follows their journey towards mending their relationship. While the first season showed fans a reportedly behind-the-scenes look at their troubled marriage, the second season has been billed as one that shows them reaching for happiness together. However, a promo for the series shows an upset Tori confessing to Dean that she might be pregnant.

Spelling says she hopes to one day be able to talk to their children that they overcame such a difficult time in their lives, saying she'd tell them, "We made it through. You know, things aren't always easy and you've got to work on a relationship, and somethings things happen that isn't great but you move forward. I hope that's the case and I hope to be able to talk to them about it."

Dean, who also works as a host on Chopped Canada, says he's working hard to repair the damage done to their relationship.

"I'm working very hard on myself. My sobriety, it means everything to me, becoming the dad and the husband that I've always wanted to be and that they deserve...I'm changing my life for the good."

Amanda Crum
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