Tori Spelling May Be Pregnant, Again; 'True Tori' Season Two Promises More Drama

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With the end of the first season of reality series True Tori, star Tori Spelling seemed to be on the mend with her husband Dean McDermott. However, the sneak peek trailer for True Tori’s second season is promising more drama for Spelling and her husband, especially with the news that she may be pregnant.

The video starts off with Spelling saying that McDermott came back from Canada to start anew, which is followed by footage of the couple arguing again, with McDermott asking, “Why are you with me?” Another highlight of the reel is when Spelling tells her therapist that she is ready to see a picture of the woman with whom her husband cheated, a revelation that shocks her all the same. Finally, Spelling ends the video by dropping a bombshell: she may be pregnant.

All this drama is a tantalizing lure for people who want to witness the reconciliation process of Spelling and McDermott when True Tori returns on October 21. However, interviews with the couple are indicating that they are doing better together than what the cameras have caught.

The couple’s commitment and hard work seem to have paid off as Spelling wrote a blog entry in August that was a glowing report of her relationship with McDermott. “I'm happy and proud to say that we are doing really well, and that Dean and I are working very hard to make our relationship and our family better than ever. I'm proud of Dean for all of the hard work he's been doing on himself, and I'm excited that he is back to blogging over on The Gourmet Dad!”

According to, Spelling had to take a pay cut just to get Lifetime to go with another season of True Tori. She reportedly only received $50,000 to do the entire second season. Despite the pay cut, Spelling seems truly happy that her marriage to McDermott has worked out through the course of the show.

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