Tori Spelling Gets Advice From Husband's Ex-Wife

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Tori Spelling is seeking relationship advice from a very unlikely source .. her husband's ex-wife.

Dean McDermott, Tori's husband and father of her four children, was married to Mary Jo Eustace when he decided to have an affair with Tori, who he later left Mary Jo for.

During a sneak peak of the new season of Spelling's reality show True Tori, Tori is seen talking to Mary Jo about McDermott, who was recently found to have cheated on her as well.

"When you start a relationship with someone, you don't know the other person they're involved with," Spelling explained to Eustace. "You have one story that's painted for you and you made a pretty accurate portrait of him. It all became true in my own relationship. You can say I told you so."

When the news that McDermott had also cheated on Spelling broke, everyone assumed that Eustace would be ecstatic that she got what she deserved. However, Mary Jo explained that it is not happy news, and she feels for their children.

"It's actually really horrible. It's not a great feeling," Mary Jo told Tori. "They have four children. What does it mean at the end of the day? It doesn't make me feel any better."

Mary Jo admitted that she did not hate Dean, but realizes that he has a lot of issues with commitment. She also assured Tori that Dean would have cheated on her with someone else if she hadn't been the one to step into the relationship.

"It would have been somebody else. I think he was really determined," she said. "I don't hate Dean," she added. "I mean he's a total knob--I know that, but he's your knob now."

The second season of True Tori premieres October 21 on Lifetime, and is sure to provide viewers with plenty of drama.

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