Tori Spelling Claims She And Dean Are Doing Great


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If you have ever watched an episode of True Tori, you know that Tori and Dean fight more than they do anything else. After learning that Dean had cheated on her with another woman, Tori has tried to move on but is having a hard time forgiving him and moving forward. They have been working through their problems and their television show has captured much of the drama.

Dean recently announced that he would be quitting the show at the end of the current season because he was not happy with how it was making him look or the negative criticism it has been causing him. Tori announced a short time later that she would be continuing on with the show without Dean.

In spite of everything they have been going through, Tori recently told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live that she and Dean are in a good place.

"We can only go day by day, because, you know, we are working on things. Today, we're stronger than ever," she said. "We're really great. We're in a really great place."

Dean also spoke up about their relationship and said that he feels like their recent struggles have brought them together and that they are now closer than ever.

"I've said it before – it's unfortunate that these events took place to get us where we are today, because today we're stronger and more in love than ever. We have a healthier relationship because of it, we're communicating, we're working on ourselves," he said. "It unfortunately took that – especially for me-- to sit me down and go, 'You need to deal with some things.'"

Tori added, "Yeah. We wish we'd have found out how to communicate without infidelity, obviously, but we can't take back the past."

Tori believes that the show has helped her deal with the situation and allowed her to express herself and get her feelings out. Although she would like for Dean to continue the show with her, she understand why he has chosen not to. Dean is also okay with Tori doing the show as long as it is helping her and helping them fix their relationship problems.