Tori Spelling Better Following Hospital Stay, Attends 'Cinderella' Screening

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Tori Spelling was hospitalized again recently for migraines, but she's out of the hospital and feeling much better. The True Tori star was feeling so good, in fact, she dressed her kids up (three of them, anyway) like little fashionistas for a screening of the upcoming film Cinderella. The live-action remake of the classic hits theaters on Friday.

Noticeably absent from the fun was Dean McDermott. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have struggled with more issues than the average marriage can endure, and they played it all out for their fans on True Tori. Dean is still in the picture (figuratively, not literally--as it applies here) because he was the one who rushed Tori Spelling to the hospital just a couple of days before the following photo was taken.

Posting to her Instagram account, Tori Spelling shared the following photo of her kids, all dressed up for Cinderella.

"Ready to attend a screening of #Cinderella They were so excited! #fashionella #LitteMavenHats," she captioned her post.

Tori Spelling is no doubt happy that Dean McDermott announced he won't be hosting Chopped Canada any longer--meaning he will likely be home more, and will perhaps take on more of a husband and father role than he has in the past few years.

McDermott shared word of his resignation on his Instagram account, captioning the photo, "It is with a heavy heart I announce I will no longer be the host of @ChoppedCanada Thank you to a great crew, judges and chefs. Thank you @FoodNetworkCa for the op. Onward and upward."

Meanwhile Tori Spelling wants to dispel all rumors that she is suffering from some sort of 'mystery illness.'

Tori Spelling has long been known as a wonderful mother, so it's no surprise to see her dressing her children up and taking them to a film screening. Hopefully now that Dean McDermott will be home a bit more with Tori and the kids, he will take on some of the responsibilities she has long shouldered alone.

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