Tori Kelly: I'm Not An Overnight Success; I Worked Hard

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Tori Kelly may seem like an overnight sensation, but that's not how she sees it.

"It doesn't feel like anything happened overnight for me," Tori Kelly told People recently. "It just feels like it's an uphill journey."

The singer explains her view of her story, saying, "I could go back to when I put out my very first EP, and I definitely had a way smaller fan base back then. For me it's just always been about the music. The fact I got to even release anything was a huge step for me, so now I still get that feeling every time I release something, especially with this album. There's just so many different steps that I've taken in my career that are all just equally as awesome."

Rather than allow herself to be cast publicly as some flash in the pan, Tori Kelly emphasizes that her career success has been a longer road than some might think.

"I don't really think anything has 'changed' for me," Kelly explained. "I feel like my whole journey has been this; it just keeps growing and growing. I haven't really noticed a really dramatic change because it's what I love what I do. It just all feels really fun and exciting, and I'm just really grateful I get to call this my job. It's the best gig ever. I'm excited just to keep performing, and this year is going to be really exciting.

As for where she goes from here, Tori Kelly is determined to keep working her plan, including hitting the road more, building her fan base.

"I really love touring, and I love seeing my fans face to face because those are the people that really care, and they're the ones supporting and buying the music. It's cool to have human conversations with my fans, so I'm really looking forward to touring again."

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