Tori Kelly, 'American Idol' Alum, Blows Fans Away at Billboard Music Awards

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Tori Kelly, an American Idol contestant from season nine, blew fans away at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday with her guitar and vocal performance of her song 'Nobody Love.'

Under the management of Scooter Braun (of Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen fame), Tori Kelly will soon release her first album--Unbreakable Smile.

“There was definitely ups and downs," she says of creating the album. "I wouldn’t want people to think that it was just like ‘snap your fingers’ and the album is done. There is definitely a lot of hard work that goes into the album.”

Tori Kelly is a very versatile music artist. In addition to her guitar and vocal skills, she also plays the piano and drums.

She cites her parents as big influences behind her music ventures. Her dad is a singer and bassist, and her mom plays the saxophone and piano.

In addition to competing on season nine of American Idol, she beat out country superstar Hunter Hayes on America’s Most Talented Kids back in 2004.

That said, no one should be surprised about the stellar performance Tori Kelly gave at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

Even Ed Sheeran was blown away by Tori Kelly's performance.

Did you catch Tori Kelly singing 'Nobody Love' on the Billboard Music Awards stage?

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