Tony Scott Autopsy Reveals Nothing New

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Tony Scott, the legendary director of "Top Gun" and "True Romance" who jumped off a bridge in Los Angeles over the summer, was rumored to have brain cancer, which could have been a factor in his decision to end his life.

However, autopsy results show that he died from blunt force trauma as a result of injuries sustained in the fall, as well as drowning--nothing more. Initial reports suggested the same thing, however, which means the autopsy tells us nothing new in the mystery of his death. Though he left notes for loved ones in his car, there was nothing to suggest a motive for his suicide.

The biggest news of note regarding his death is that the sleep aid Lunesta and an anti-depressant called Remeron were found in his system.

Despite such a tragic and early demise, Scott--whose brother is fellow director Ridley Scott--has eleven projects due out over the next couple of years.

Amanda Crum
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