Tony Parker's Injury Threatens His Olympic Dreams

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Tony Parker's eye injury, which resulted from a violent, bottle-throwing scuffle involving musicians Chris Brown and Drake at a New York City club, may ultimately keep him from participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Parker, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs, was scheduled to suit up with the French team last week, though the severity of the damage prevented him from taking extended flights. Parker claims the trauma he sustained almost cost him the eye.

According to the Associated Press, a glass shard penetrated 99% of the athlete's eye, which required surgery to remove. Due to the risk of infection, Parker has been sequestered in his hotel room, which is starting to take its toll on him. If the threat of cabin fever wasn't enough, the NBA star is required to apply five different kinds of medication to the injury every two hours. As a result, Parker says he's been suffering from hallucinations.

What in the world is in those eyedrops?

"Anything can happen, including me being out of the Olympics. The decision doesn't belong to me anymore. It's in the hands of the doctor and San Antonio," Parker explained. "I didn't have luck, but I came out well from my misfortune. It could have been worse. The rest of my career is not in question. I just have to wait for the injury to heal itself."

If all goes well, Parker will join up with the French Olympic team for their first game on July 29th. As for the club where the injury occurred, the point guard is suing the establishment for $20 million. Considering the joint is currently closed, his lawsuit might be the equivalent of squeezing Grade-A lemonade from a clump of sod in your front yard.

How do Twitter users feel about Parker's injury? If the embedded selection of responses is any indication, apparently folks aren't too sympathetic with his plight.

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