Toni Morisson’s New Novel ‘God Help The Child’ Arrives In April

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It’s going to be a long six-month wait for fans of the prolific author Toni Morrison. Publisher Alfred A. Knopf announced last Tuesday that Morrison’s new book “God Help the Child,” will be released next year on April 30.

The Nobel-prize winning author’s new book was described as a “searing tale about the way childhood trauma shapes and misshapes the life of the adult.” The latest novel centers on Bride, a bold and confident woman whose successes in life stems from her beauty. Along the way, Bride encounters Rain, a mysterious white child who forms a strong bond with the book’s protagonist.

Knopf-Doubleday Chairman Sonny Mehta described the book as a “compact, fierce work,” that’s sure to keep fans compulsively reading until they reach the final pages of the novel.

Morrison, an 83-year old native of Ohio gained prominence after winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the American Book Award back in 1987 for Beloved, which was adapted into a feature film starring Oprah Winfrey. She’s mostly known for her richly detailed characters that are grounded in reality. Some of her papers can be found as part of Princeton University’s permanent collection.

The 83-year-old author shows no sign of stopping as she releases her 11th book next year. The award-winning author tackles the struggles related to race and history in her fictional books. She’s one of the best known authors in the historical fiction genre with novels like The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon, Jazz, all featuring stories that are set in different periods of American History.

Aside from countless accolades and awards for her novels, Morrison also won a Grammy in 2008 for Best Spoken Word Album for Children. She has also written three children’s books with her younger son, artist Slade Morrison who passed away in 2010.

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