Tom Hanks And Sandra Bullock Reenact "Big" Scene

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Tom Hanks has been a huge movie star for a lot of years, and he's embodied so many iconic roles that it's hard for most people to choose their favorite. Is it Jimmy Dugan, the washed-up baseball player-turned coach who finds an unlikely friend in a young female phenom? Or is it Captain Miller, who made it his mission to find a young private who'd lost all his brothers to the war? Forrest Gump?

For many of a certain age, the role that springs to mind is that of Josh, the boy who grew up overnight in "Big" and was forced to live as a child in a man's body until he could find a particular magic carnival game to change him back. And of all the classic scenes in that movie (you know you're singing, "Ooh, Shanita, walking down the street..." right now), there's one that always stands out to fans: the big piano.

In the film, Hanks paired up with Robert Loggia to play "Chopsticks" and "Heart and Soul" on the huge, floor-piano inside F.A.O. Schwartz, and a British television show host decided recently to put the actor to the test and see if he could still do it. Of course, this time, he didn't have Loggia to partner with, but he had a little help all the same. Check out the clip below.

Image: YouTube

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