Tom Cruise Girlfriend Rumored To Be Restaurant Manager


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Tom Cruise is in the market for a new girlfriend after his very public split with former wife Katie Holmes. So, who has the actor set his eyes on this time? His new rumored love interest may just surprise you.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Tom Cruise is now dating Cynthia Jorge, a 26-year-old Queens native and restaurant manager. The report comes after sources saw Cruise dancing with Jorge at New York's Le Baron nightclub on Dec. 18.

Reportedly, Jorge is the one who made the move on Cruise. An insider reported that Cruise visited Jorge's restaurant for a business meeting, and Jorge gave the movie star her business card before he left. The two met up at the aforementioned nightclub only a day later.


So, is this a little rebound fling or is Cruise taking this newfound relationship seriously? It's hard to tell at this point, but a witness said the two were "grinding together" at the nightclub. He also called a private car to take her home at the end of the night. If anything, Cruise is at least interested.

A report from People, however, is saying that there was no date, and Jorge just met Cruise for a few drinks. A source close to Jorge said she was just showing Cruise around town while having a casual night out.

As for Cruise, sources close to the actor said the star remains single after his divorce with Katie Holmes. The source also notes that the actor is not dating anybody at the moment.