Toki Tori 2 Is The Highlight Of This Week's Nintendo Download


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In 2001, relatively unknown developer Two Tribes published their first game on the Game Boy Color - Toki Tori. The puzzle game, starring a little yellow bird, became somewhat of a cult hit that never received much attention at the time as it came out near the end of the Game Boy Color's life. After numerous remakes on modern systems, Two Tribes is back with the first official sequel in over 10 years.

In this week's Nintendo Download, Toki Tori 2 for the Wii U eShop is definitely the star of the show. The game is the same puzzle solving adventure as before, but with expanded play mechanics. The game sells for $14.99, but will be 10 percent off until April 19.

The Nintendo 3DS eShop will also be getting plenty of new content this week with an update to the virtual console being the highlight. The original Castlevania for NES is now available for download on the service. If you're looking for a punishing, but fair, NES action-platformer, this is your game.

Other games hitting the 3DS eShop incude Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D, Gabrielle's Ghostly Grove 3D, and update to Colors! 3D. As for the weekly 3DS sale, hardcore action game escapeVektor is on sale for $4.99 this week.

Finally, the Wii Virtual Console gets a single update in the form of NAM-1975, a shooter released by SNK in 1990.