Toilet Texting and You [Infographic]

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How many of you take your smartphone with you when you go to the bathroom? How many of you text while relieving yourself? Don't lie, because if the upcoming infographic is true, a lot more of you do than don't. Although, it begs the question, is tooling around on your new Android gadget any different than taking a book or a magazine with you when you need some quality time in the bathroom?

Like any good infographic, the Toilet Texting--provided by chock full of fun facts like 75 percent of Americans admit to texting while on the toilet; 1 in 6 mobile devies are "contaminated with fecal matter." Keep that in mind the next time your phone is close to your mouth the next time you get a phone call. While the infographic looks at what people do with their phones while answering nature's call, the results skew it enough to focus on toilet texting.

In fact, that's the most popular smartphone activity, which reminds this writer of the following Penny Arcade gem:

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The infographic in question, courtesy of UltraLinx:


More than likely, that "smartphones contaminated with fecal matter" fact will keep you up at night; or at least make you consider running yours through an autoclave cycle or two.

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