Todd Frazier Hero: Twitter Reacts

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Todd Frazier hero: Most Cincinnati Reds fans already knew this, but now his heroism has extended beyond the playing field. While grabbing a bite to eat with teammate Ryan Ludwick in downtown Pittsburgh, someone seated at the restaurant began choking. Although there were two women attempting to dislodge the food from the victim's throat by utilizing the Heimlich Maneuver, it began apparent that their methods weren't getting the job done.

Frazier, who admitted he'd never performed the life-saving maneuver on anyone before, rushed to the table and asked the ladies to let him give it a shot. Two thrusts later and the "monster piece" of steak popped out of the man's windpipe. The guy was extremely grateful, as were the women, one of whom couldn't stop crying. Can't say that I blame her.

"I ran over there and said, ‘let me try it.’ I tried it twice. It popped out. It was monster piece. The guy was very thankful. The lady he was with was crying. It was surreal. I never done it before in my life," Frazier told

Instead of showboating about the incident and bragging to everyone about saving a man's life, Frazier returned to his table and finished his meal. The men never exchanged names. In fact, the victim had no idea that Frazier was a professional ball player.

It hasn't taken very long for the news to make its way to Twitter, which has nothing but praise and adoration for the Cincinnati Reds player. Have a look at some responses to the incident below.

Todd Frazier hits well with RISP because as was proven today, he doesn't allow choking. #ToddFrazierFacts
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Todd Frazier has been a hero on and off the field lately, slugging his team to victory, and saving a man from choking. Heroism #counts
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Todd Frazier’s to-do list for today:?Eat a balanced meal?Look over scouting report for A.J. Burnett?Save children from burning building
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Frazier gets the save in a clutch situation - Todd Frazier saved a man's life in a Pittsburgh restaurant on Tuesday ...
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Todd Frazier of the Cinci Reds performs the Lebron Maneuver and saves a man's life who was choking at a restaurant.. **MLB SUPER HEROES**
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