Toby Keith To Skip CMAs, Possibly Forever

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Toby Keith, who has seen his star rise over the years with hit songs like "Wanna Talk About Me" and "Red Solo Cup", says he is forgoing the Country Music Awards once again this year...and possibly won't be back.

“Your industry can get behind you and crank you up and make you a household name, help you get there. Or you can be abandoned like I was,” Keith said. “I’m not going to leave it up to this industry that I’m in to give me any support.”

Keith says the awards show has snubbed him since 2005, although before that year he was nominated for a whopping 27 awards and took home two. This year, however, he's nominated for Music Video Of The Year for "Red Solo Cup", but that's not enough to make him break down and attend.

"I ain't showing up. I gotta go get a root canal that day, or something fun," he said.

Don't feel too bad for the singer, though; with his own clothing line, brand of alcohol, a film production company, and an acting career as well as his music, he's one of the top paid entertainers in the country, coming in just behind Beyonce and The Police with $48 million earned last year.

“That’s the one I want to win,” he said, “I want to be the Mac Daddy of Forbes!”

Amanda Crum
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