Titanic SUPER 3D Will Blow You Away [Literally]


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You never hear a bunch of guys saying "Hey dude, Let's go see Titanic 3D. The on-screen romance between Jack and Rose really shows me what eternal love is all about."

It doesn't happen. Titanic will forever be a date a movie.

Titanic SUPER 3D, on the other hand, delivers non-stop b***s out action. You can, nay must, take your buddies to go see this movie...

The film features real life iceberg chunks being thrown at you, a kraken, a techno remix soundtrack, and guest action directors to give the original some much needed explosions... and storm troopers. The addition of perpetual lens flare, a la Star Trek, really adds a lot, I think. And the unnecessary explosions from Michael Bay deliver all the excitement you can handle.

The top comment from floydrose24 on YouTube says it all: "if you look closely, you'll see its not the real titanic movie."