'Titanfall' Launch Trailer Released


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Last week EA released its expected live-action trailer for its upcoming Titanfall. The game is positioned to draw gamers from the same pool as the Call of Duty fanbase, so it isn't surprising that the publisher would copy Activision's successful live-action ad strategy (though EA didn't spring for big-name celebrities).

With only days left before Titanfall launches on PC and Xbox One, EA and Respawn have now released the official gameplay launch trailer for the game.

For those that still aren't aware, Titanfall is a multiplayer-only shooter set in a sci-fi future. Players square a off in teams of six in Call of Duty-type matches, but with a few twists. Players are able to wall-run and double jump, making speed and maneuverability key, and the teams are joined by small squadrons of AI-controlled teammates that help keep the game's pace up. Also, every few minutes each player can call in a giant mech called a Titan.

All of these elements are previewed in the launch trailer, which also teases a bit of the space opera story that Respawn has managed to fit into the multiplayer-only game: