Titanfall Is About To Get A Little Prettier On The PC


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Titanfall is not an ugly game. It's not exactly a pretty game either. Its use of the decade old Source engine ensures that it sits somewhere in the middle instead as a strong aesthetic makes up for its lack of cutting edge effects. Understandably, PC gamers demand more from their games though and Nvidia is helping to deliver that.

Nvidia and Respawn Entertainment announced that they will be working to add GameWorks to the PC version of Titanfall in the coming months. GameWorks will bring a number of cutting edge graphical technologies to Titanfall that will help make the game look better, especially on larger displays.

“We are working towards implementing several Nvidia GameWorks technologies that can make Titanfall look and play even better, including TXAA for high quality anti-aliasing and HBAO+ technologies for improved shadow details,” said Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment. “We will also be working towards updates for SLI and 4k support to ensure a fantastic high end PC experience.”

The implementation of TXAA and HBAO+ should be especially exciting for gamers who own high-end PCs as the two technologies represent cutting edge PC game development. TXAA creates smooth images without being a resource hog like MSAA x16, and HBAO+ helps to create more realistic shadows that react with the environment.

For those PC gamers who have SLI set ups and 4K displays, the addition of GameWorks is probably the best news they could ask for. Titanfall will no doubt look its best on a 4K display and we'll hopefully soon see some great screenshots of what amazing vistas come out of this bump in resolution.

For PC gamers, it's always sad to see games launch without support for cutting edge technologies. It's a good thing then that Respawn has decided to work with Nvidia to make sure PC gamers get the most out of their Titanfall experience. If only other developers cared as much about the PC versions of their titles.

Image via TitanfallGame/YouTube