Titanfall Gets The NMA Treatment


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After almost a year after its initial reveal, Titanfall is finally available today on Xbox One and PC. The Xbox One version is particularly important as its being positioned as the system seller Microsoft needs right now in the face of 6 million PS4 units sold and counting.

So, will Titanfall "save" the Xbox One? At this point, probably not. The $500 price tag of the Xbox One - even with a free copy of Titanfall - is a little steep. That being said, we'll definitely see a small sales boost thanks to the hype surrounding the game, but we're likely to see it sell much better on the Xbox 360 when that version launches later this month.

That's only my take though. What does everybody's favorite Taiwanese animation studio think? They're certainly excited about the game, but they do feel it does have some drawbacks. Namely, the lack of a single-player campaign and a $60-a-year Xbox Live subscription hurts the Xbox One version. The subscription fees don't affect the PC version, but they have to deal with ever-improving-but-still-not-quite-there Origin platform.

Regardless of how well it does on the Xbox One, you're going to be hearing a lot about Titanfall over the coming weeks and months. It's an important title and, more importantly, it's really good.

Just don't forget that death's cold embrace will always be waiting for you in case you tire of mech warfare.

Image via Taiwanese Animators/YouTube