Tippi Hedren Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit


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You may remember Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren for her iconic role in Alfred Hitchcock's frightening film The Birds. Now you may wind up remembering her for winning almost $1.5 million for a gallon of water falling on her head.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a California appeals court ruled today that the 83 year old actress' former lawyer, Joseph Allen, must pay Hedren the money she would have most likely received had her case gone to trial. Hedron sued Allen because he did not file the proper paperwork for the case in time.

In 2006, Hedren had spinal fusion surgery in order to relieve severe headaches. The surgery was a success, so she went back to work on the set of Fashion House. Hedren was subsequently injured while rehearsing for the show when a gallon of water fell from a sound stage ceiling and onto her head. Her headaches returned after the accident. She tried various remedies in an attempt to find relief, however, none alleviated her pain.

Allen is ordered to pay Hedron a reported $1,483,708. The actress' pain and suffering was taken into account as well as lost wages. Allen's motion for a retrial was denied.

Hedren has worked steadily in both television and film over the years. She made appearances in both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Family Hope. She is currently filming the family comedy Lizzie's World: The Secret of the Magic Trunk.

Here's one of the famous scenes from The Birds. Hitchcock used real ravens and crows for the attack on Hedren. The actress would later accuse Hitchcock of being evil and deviant.

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