Tina Turner Stroke Rumors Refuted By Oprah Winfrey


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Tina Turner had a stroke?! That's what the media has been reporting these days.

Earlier today, a story began circulating around the Web claiming that Turner had suffered a stroke at her home in Zurich, Switzerland. So, there's been a lot of chatter and speculation about the 74-year-old singer's health.

However, there's one prominent public figure that has taken the initiative to diffuse the rumors with some clarity about the situation.

According to E! News, famed talk show host and media proprietor Oprah Winfrey has refuted the claim.

When a concerned fan asked Winfrey about the "Nutbush City Limits" singer's health via Twitter, she responded with accurate information.

Ironically, Winfrey recently visited Zurich, Switzerland where Turner resides. An incident actually occurred where Winfrey was discriminated against when she inquired about a handbag the store clerk felt was too expensive for her liking. Obviously, the clerk had absolutely no idea who Winfrey was or how deep her pockets actually are!

But, nevertheless, Winfrey strategically diffused that situation as well. Instead of causing a public uproar over the blatant disrespect she'd received, she simply left the store without purchasing anything, as she felt the clerk didn't deserve the commission. She later spoke of the various outcomes that could have occurred.

"There's two different ways to handle it," Oprah said. "I could've had the whole blow-up thing…but [racism] still exists, of course it does."

Although the situation was quite discriminative, Winfrey also quipped about the issue via Twitter from a buoyant perspective. She tweeted, "Turns out the store clerk did me a favor. Just found out that bag was $38K!!! She was right I was NOT going to buy it."

She came to her longtime friend's defense, just as she did when she addressed her own situation. Winfrey's tactful nature saves the day yet again!

Image via Tina Turner, Facebook