Tina Fey Talks 'Mean Girls,' Nixes Sequel Rumors

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Tina Fey has set the record straight. Although fans may have been embracing the possibility a sequel for the 2004 teen comedy film Mean Girls, there won't be one.

According to Access Hollywood, Fey recently crossed paths with Lindsay Lohan when they both appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She spoke briefly with the publication about the film during the junket for her latest film Muppets Most Wanted. 

Since Mean Girls will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary next month on April 30, rumors about a possible sequel have started circulating yet again.

Fey revealed that she and Lohan discussed the possibility of some form of commemoration in honor of the film's anniversary, but despite the rumors floating about a sequel, there isn't one in the works.

"Yeah, I saw her at the first episode of the 'Tonight Show.' We did that bit with Jimmy, and I said to her, 'Oh, I think someone may call us about doing some kind of reunion because next month is the tenth anniversary of the movie.' And so really... if everyone's around we might try to do some kind of like panel discussion," she told Access Hollywood. (image)

"But it's not like -- it's not another movie," she added. "At most it would be like a panel discussion with a plate of hot wings." She went on to reiterate that there are no plans for a sequel film.

"No, it's definitely not a movie," Fey added. "It's just the anniversary is coming up, so everybody get your pink shirts. It's been 10 years. You can tell when you look at me. It's been 10 years."

While there was a 2011 spinoff/sequel to Mean Girls, it was considered a standalone film as opposed to a continuation, which would have picked up where the original film left off. So, fans will have to savor the memorable moments of the 2004 film, since Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan won't be returning to the big screen a second time around.

Image via Mean Girls, Facebook
Image via Mean Girls, Facebook

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