Tina Fey Talks About Her Nude Photos, Getting Hacked

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Tina Fey sat on David Letterman’ couch in the Ed Sullivan Theater and offered her own take on the headlines about celebrities getting their nude photos hacked.

“People have a lot of nude photos,” Fey acknowledged. Certainly, the prevalence of camera phones is a contributing factor. But Fey also offered that girls are prettier and more confident about taking such pictures.

“I feel like the girls I remember when I was in high school, it wouldn’t have been worth it,” she said. “None of us really looked that great to take a picture in our bathroom like that.”

Some have commented that celebs should not be taking nude photos in the first place. Ricky Gervais famously tweeted, in the aftermath of the nude photo scandal:

“Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer.”

Gervais later took the tweet down, but it shows the ignorance of many about this topic. First of all, few of these people had nude photos on their computer. As David Letterman acknowledged, “The way I understand it, they take the pictures of themselves, then they erase it, thinking they’re gone forever, but apparently they’re not.”

Dave gets it. Cloud backups of photos, whether it be iCloud or via Picasa for Android or even Dropbox, can upload any pictures you take. Some options even post the pics straight to Google+ or Facebook. That could be really embarrassing. Even if erased from the local device (phone) they still exist on a server somewhere, waiting for someone to crack the password.

Fey points out that these people all had an expectation of privacy about the photos they took, and that the fault lies with "the creeps who steal,” she said. “Creeps who take them are the bad people.”

Fey then joked that she would not be recognizable in any nude photos because all of her nude pics are "very, very extreme close-ups of my butt, so you’d never know it’s me. Like a microscope close-up. Thousands of them,” she said.

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