Tim Tebow is Released from the Patriots


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After lackluster performances in preseason New England Patriots games, quarterback Tim Tebow is one of 13 players to be cut from the Patriots roster. With the regular season just days from kicking off and no other NFL teams stepping forward, it appears that the former Heisman winner’s career is suspended indefinitely.

Despite the obvious blow to Tebow’s career, he is holding his head high and promises that this isn’t the last America has seen from him.  After the Patriots announced his release, Tebow took a moment to give thanks for the opportunity and reassure his fans on Twitter.  "I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback,” Tebow said in a part of a series of posts on Twitter.

The Patriots picked up Tebow this past June, just days before preseason camp began.  After the New York Jets released Tebow in April, it looked like no other NFL teams were interested in the controversial quarterback until Patriots coach Bill Belichick decided to take a chance on him.  That opportunity was short-lived, as Tebow showed during the preseason games that he just doesn’t have enough of that magic he had as a Florida Gator to perform at the next level.

Tebow’s preseason quarterback rating was a paltry 47.2, which included two touchdown passes, two interceptions and seven sacks.  Four of those sacks came during Tebow’s final showing with the Patriots during the game against the New York Giants on Thursday.  Even though Tebow was cut, his last play for the Patriots—and quite possibly for his NFL career as a quarterback—was a 9-yard touchdown pass with six seconds left on the clock.  Tebow’s performance in the game led to a 28-20 victory for the Patriots, but that contribution wasn’t enough to keep the beleaguered quarterback around.

Even though Tebow hasn’t been able to keep his head above water as a quarterback, his size and speed could still earn him a spot on a NFL roster in a capacity other than quarterback.  Many pro football fans thought Belichick might utilize Tebow as a tight end or at least put him on special teams, but that never happened.

While it looks like Tebow’s quarterback opportunities may be limited to the Canadian Football League or Arena Football League for the time being, at least Tebow fans won’t have any problem picking up another jersey for the collection on clearance.

Image via Wikimedia Commons