Tim Tebow Finds Out "He Ugly" While Reading "Mean Tweets" On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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“Mean Tweets” is a popular segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the skit, celebrities are asked to read aloud actual mean tweets about them to the tune of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”. It’s a well-loved segment that has been a staple of the show. To commemorate the college football national championship, Kimmel decided to ask some commentators and football players to take part in the segment. Football personalities including ESPN analyst Kirk Herbestreit, Florida State University coach Jimbo Fisher, and Tim Tebow appeared on the show and hilarity ensues.

College football analyst, Desmond Howard, kicked off the segment. He read a tweet saying “Desmond Howard’s mustache looks like the starting point of a maze”, which left him slightly amused. Other gems include legendary football coach Lou Holtz being called “a creepy ventriloquist puppet and sounds like daffy duck”, with Holtz pausing and saying he actually agrees with the tweet. Tim Tebow barely kept it together when he read a tweet saying, “Tim Tebow is not cute, sexy, or hot. He ugly. Sorry about it”. He laughed the insult off, proving that he has a sense of humor when it comes to these things.

Tebow began his broadcasting career after being cut from the New England Patriots. Last year, Tebow talked to AP about his role as analyst for the SEC Network. “I love doing this,” he said in the interview. “I want to do this for a long time. I love talking football and I love being around it.”

“I don’t like to talk hypotheticals,” he added. “I deal with the real life situations. I treat every day as a blessing. And it’s a blessing to be here doing what I’m doing.” Aside from his brief tenure with the New England Patriots, Tebow also played for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets.

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