Tilda Swinton Gets Poetic Over Amy Schumer

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Time's 100 Most Influential People might be a mixed bag of the world's movers and shakers, but it also showcases some oddball pairings and interesting prose, like what Tilda Swinton penned for Amy Schumer.

The comedienne has shot to Time's list like a bullet and Swinton was given the enviable task of writing Schumer’s accompanying blurb.

The result was a quirky piece of writing that culminated in a poem; a combination of fantasy and realism that is so like Swinton herself.

The ethereal actress described the funny lady as everyone's dream girl, a real woman who had guts and brains and looks. She added Schumer was the one "at the back with the quick, dangerous eyes” before concluding with a short poem -

Amy’s got your back.

She’s in your corner.

She’s an honesty bomb.

And she’s coming for you.

The quirky blurb is as insightful as it is real, which given the two's relationship, is understandable.

Swinton and Schumer’s pairing might be baffling to some but like olives and white chocolate, their combination works well together.

The two have become close friends after working together on the upcoming film Trainwreck.

So Swinton's admiration for the comedienne is not one-sided. The Inside Amy Schumer headliner has also been very open and unapologetic about her love for the actress.

During the Gotham Independent Film Awards, Schumer described the time she spent with the thespian as "life-changing and heart stopping."

And aside from Swinton being the greatest and coolest friend ever , she's also undeniably sincere.

“And you know she’s not blowing smoke up your ass, because there’s literally nothing you can do for her," is how the stand-up comedienne explained it.

Aside from Schumer, other celebrities who are included in this year's Time's 100 Most Influential People are power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Bradley Cooper.

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