Tiger Woods, All Custom Focus Imports Partner For Motivational Bracelet

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Tiger Woods announced Wednesday that he will be partnering with All Custom Focus Imports (ACF) in the upcoming months to create a new wristband with a motivational saying. A portion of the proceeds from sales of "The Tiger Woods Band" will go to benefit Woods' foundation. The Tiger Woods Foundation partnered for the project to further their support for the golf star's mission to help youth in Asia.

ACF President Raj Kumar made the official announcement on Wednesday, saying, "We are thrilled to begin our relationship with Tiger and his foundation. We plan to have the bands available beginning April 2014 to distributors and retailers. We expect band demand to increase throughout 2014 and 2015 when it will be available at thousands of locations in Asia."

The bands will be red and black, sporting Woods' own words of wisdom with the message "Live to Achieve Excellence."

Woods also spoke about the partnership, saying, "My mom and pop taught me that anything is possible and to always strive for excellence," Woods said. "I hope that by wearing these words each day, people will be reminded that each of us can help shape the lives of others as well as our own."

The Tiger Woods Foundation is a major supporter of the Unlocking the Potential of Asian Youth initiative, which targets the youth in three countries of the Asia and Pacific, where one-half of the world's youth reside. The initiative is based on providing support for people in these regions aged 14 to 20, through three main areas: life skills, education, and career preparation.

The first leg of the initiative took place from 2007 to 2011, with a successful outcome; Woods says that he hopes to further expand these efforts with his new bracelets, touching the lives of teens and young adults in an area that is close to his heart.

"I'm excited my foundation is expanding into Asia," Woods says. "We've been very successful in the US, and my long-time goal has been to expand our work into Asia where my mom is from."

Youth in Thailand, China, and South Korea have been provided with education and career skills training since it was established in 2007. Since its inception, the movement has successfully provided over 1,900 teens and youth in the three regions with education, life skills training, vocational training, entrepreneurship skills, and career prospects and support, according to the initiative's website, iyfnet.org.

Image via TheAgency/CJStumpf, Wikimedia Commons.

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