Three New Wonderbook Titles, Including Book Of Potions, Launch November 12


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Last year, Sony launched a new type of game called Wonderbook that combined the AR capabilities of the PlayStation Eye with a PS Move controller to bring books to life on a television screen. Sony smartly launched it with Book of Spells - a game set within the Harry Potter universe and written by J.K. Rowling. Now Sony is readying three more titles for this holiday season.

Sony announced today that it's bringing back J.K. Rowling for a second round of Wonderbook magic with Book of Potions. Like Book of Spells before it, this game will allow players to interact with the world of Harry Potter like never before by letting them create the potions seen throughout the books and movies.

Book of Potions alongside the Wonderbook peripheral will be available as a bundle on November 12 for $30.

Book of Potions isn't the only Wonderbook game coming out on November 12. Sony will also be partnering with the BBC to release Walking with Dinosaurs - a game based on the hit series and upcoming theatrical film of the same name.

Walking with Dinosaurs will also be available as a bundle on November 12 for $30.

Sony is also finally releasing Diggs Nightcrawler - a game it announced for Wonderbook last year. This PSN-only title will put players into the role of insect detective Diggs Nightcrawler as he solves mysteries around Library City.

Diggs Nightcrawler will be available on the PSN on November 12 for $14.99.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]