Thomson Reuters Acquires Apsmart


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This morning, Thomson Reuters announced that have definitive plans to acquire cutting-edge mobile platform, Apsmart, out of London. Apsmart is well known for their application designs on iOS and Android systems. They were actually responsible for the first Shazam app. on the iPhone.

Here's what Reuters had to say about the acquisition:

Mobile is an increasingly significant way in which professionals work and consume information. The acquisition of Apsmart will enhance Thomson Reuters mobile product creation, design and development, allowing the company to deliver even more expert-enriched content, news and solutions through the interfaces that professionals want on the mobile devices they use.

Robert Schukai, global head of mobile technology at Thomson Reuters comments on the acquisition:

“This new team brings strong experience in end–to–end mobile development capabilities from user experience and design through to product realization and platform services,”

“As we move forward, we will have a greater ability to develop foundational mobile capabilities that build significant brand value in our mobile product portfolio.”

Rahul Powar, new head of mobile application development at Thomson Reuters also comments on the acquisition of Apsmart:

“The team at Apsmart is excited about the opportunity to apply our diverse mix of skills to the large Thomson Reuters customer base. We look forward to helping drive the strategy and creation of significant new experiences in mobile across the organization,”

The terms of the agreement have yet to be disclosed, and there is no mention of a tentative closing date. Apsmart is majority owned by DN Capital, a digital media investment firm.