This Pulp Fiction Remix Asks You To Say What Again

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You know when you hear something and just immediately know that it's not only going to blow up on a viral scale, but wind up in rotation on some sort of user-supported radio as well as at some club that's cool enough to play it?

Well, that's how I feel about Lead Breakfast, a remix of famous clips from the classic film Pulp Fiction.

This amazing work of art comes to us from Pogo, aka Nick Bertke from Perth, Australia. This is definitely not his first attempt at turning film clips into music, as some of his recent offerings include Boo Bass (a Monsters, Inc. remix), Sugarella (from Disney's Cinderella), and Murmurs of Middle Earth (obviously, from Lord of the Rings). You can check all of them out on his YouTube channel.

As a bonus, here's Pogo's reasoning for sticking with YouTube despite a few technical issues:



I have a feeling that this will give him all the views he wants.

[Via Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Twitter]

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