This Is What PS4, Xbox One Games Will Look Like

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Sony and Microsoft have shown us some footage of what the future of gaming will look like on their next generation platforms, but it's always nice to have an outside opinion.

AMD, the company crafting the chips that will power the PS4 and Xbox One, have released a video showing the kind of visuals that its new A-Series APUs can push. The "Jaguar" SoC inside the PS4 and Xbox One will be based on these APUs. That means that the video below is close to what you will be seeing on next generation consoles.

Of course, games on next-gen consoles may look even better than this as both Microsoft and Sony will be using heavily modified versions of AMD's APUs for their consoles. It's not known exactly how much power developers will be able to squeeze out of these chips, but early footage from games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Forza Motorsport 5 is encouraging.

For those who don't care about consoles, AMD is now selling its A-Core APUs for PC builders that want to try out the future of SoC gaming PCs. With it being AMD, the chips are extremely affordable as well with its flagship APU retailing for only $150.

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