This Is How You'll Play Beyond: Two Souls


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Beyond: Two Souls, like David Cage's other games, are more movies than games. Sure, there are some interactive elements, but they take a backseat to the story that Cage is trying to tell. That's not going to necessarily change in Beyond, but Cage will be doing some things differently.

In its latest making of feature, the team at Quantic Dream discuss how they developed the gameplay in Beyond: Two Souls. With Beyond, the team went in with the idea of not letting the game get in the way of what's happening on screen. To that effect, the game's UI has been reduced to nothing more than little white dots that indicate the player can interact with something on screen. That won't be true for the entire game, however, as there will still be button prompts and quick time events in certain scenarios.

The above video also gives another look at the ghost gameplay that will be present in Beyond. Players control a spirit that can interact with the environment to help the player character solve puzzles or investigate areas that are closed off to them.

Beyond: Two Souls launches on October 8 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.