This Famous Pulp Fiction Scene Made In Source Filmmaker Will Make Your Day

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Valve's Source Filmmaker, a program that allows crafty gamers to create their own short films using the Source engine, has just entered its open beta phase. That means that folks can make their own movies using anything that exists in the world of Team Fortress 2 - and it'll look just like Valve's own "Meet the" videos. The latest in that series, Meet the Pyro, dropped a couple of weeks ago.

People have been hard at work creating some pretty awesome videos, but the best one so far may just be this one that recreates one of the most famous scenes in movie history.

YouTube user thingshappen just uploaded a three minute version of the "Does Marcellus Wallace look like a bitch" scene, starring the Scout and the Demo man. According to the post, the final version took about three hours to render and about a week to create.

Check it out below (NSFW, obviously):

If you want to give it a go, you can download the Source Filmmaker here.

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