'Thief' Story, Gameplay Previewed in New Videos


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Though gamers were promised big reveals during the VGX awards show, most of the announcements this weekend were only mildly exciting. One of the highlights of the presentation then, was a new preview for a game that is just months away from release.

Square Enix this weekend debuted yet another trailer for the Thief reboot coming in February. The new video shows off more of the story that players will see in the game. Though story has never been the main focus of the Thief franchise, Square Enix has written an entire campaign that will place players in the role of a thief named Garrett, who finds himself in the middle of a supernatural thriller while dealing with past regrets.

The video also previews a bit of the first-person gameplay that gamers can expect from the new Thief:

Though the new story trailer does show a bit of gameplay, fans of the franchise will need more convincing before diving into a more mainstream version of Thief. A new gameplay video released today (and narrated in German) shows off a few of the game's mechanics, for better or worse: